Version 0.9

    Version 0.9.1

    released: October 20, 2015

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    In this release we mainly focused on infrasstructure related issues, bugs and improvements.
    As we move forward towards our goal of establishing the issue network we need to be sure that
    any future release is both backward and forward compatible.

    This version is not compatible with JIRA 7 yet.

    Release Notes - JIRA Node - Version 0.9.1


    • JIRANODE-491 - After resolving an error pending sync events are not picked up
    • JIRANODE-492 - Default value of custom fields are not initialized when issue is created
    • JIRANODE-497 - Remote issues tab messes up issue view
    • JIRANODE-506 - NPE when creating ReplicaValue for a SyncRequest
    • JIRANODE-537 - Documentation on default relation is not in sync with product
    • JIRANODE-542 - MissingMethodException: com.exalate.node.hubobject.v1_2.NodeHelper.getOption()
    • JIRANODE-543 - ResponseStatusException: Unexpected response received. Status code: 500
    • JIRANODE-558 - 0.8 - 0.9 incompatibility
    • JIRANODE-563 - Nullpointer exception - mustUpdateRemoteReplica
    • JIRANODE-565 - Sync events are created even when an issue is only changed in a field which is not in the datafilter
    • JIRANODE-581 - ActiveObject create table barfs on postgress
    • JIRANODE-584 - java.util.NoSuchElementException
    • JIRANODE-585 - Nullpointer exception - file not found ...
    • JIRANODE-587 - issue.comments -= replica.removedComments not working properly
    • JIRANODE-590 - nodeHelper.getPriority(priorityName) throws NoSuchElementException when the priority is not found
    • JIRANODE-602 - Exalate info is not cleaned up when a proxy user deletes an issue
    • JIRANODE-604 - Stabilize the release branch
    • JIRANODE-615 - If the node layer throws an exception the root cause is not printed.
    • JIRANODE-616 - Event number generated incorrectly
    • JIRANODE-617 - Blob metadata not removed
    • JIRANODE-628 - Upgrade tasks upgrade entities inconsistently
    • JIRANODE-637 - org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table "REPLICA"


    • JIRANODE-490 - Logging is too verbose when preparing hub issue
    • JIRANODE-520 - Issue event logging is too verbose
    • JIRANODE-521 - Cover the blob state machines with the unit tests
    • JIRANODE-523 - Cover the blob event and request schedulers with the unit tests
    • JIRANODE-578 - Adapt the default processors to use the += addedComments and etc.
    • JIRANODE-579 - Remove support for v0 hub objects (generic objects)
    • JIRANODE-596 - Handle non-existing custom fields: = null should be fine
    • JIRANODE-597 - Block sync events for TwinTraces in INITIAL state
    • JIRANODE-599 - Add an integration test to cover the unidiractional scenario
    • JIRANODE-610 - A unit test to cover the hub objects minor update effect on ReplicaHelper .hasChanges method
    • JIRANODE-629 - Introduce a delay between the finish of the migration tasks and start up of the event / request processing workers


    • JIRANODE-420 - Adapt the documentation highlighting how edit comment / customfield / worklogs can be processed
    • JIRANODE-475 - Handle all error scenarios asynchronously
    • JIRANODE-572 - Initialization check to ensure that the transport version is set corectly
    • JIRANODE-633 - Add a simple retry mechanism to the REST transport protocol

    Version 0.9.0

    released: September 23, 2015

    In this release we introduce the capability to synchronize attachments. To be able to do so
    we have introduced a field level tracing capability which allows the addon to support the synchronization
    of various add/edit/delete events



    •  [JIRANODE-449] - Comments added by a proxy user are synced again
    •  [JIRANODE-493] - Attachment traces are lost after pair


    • [JIRANODE-349] - Object traces allow to map remote objects with local objects such that updates / deletes can be processed
    •  [JIRANODE-471] - A user must be able to remove the link between to issues and exalate an existing issue again


    •  [JIRANODE-160] - Support huge attachment
    •  [JIRANODE-409] - ITrace should hold the String id's rather than numeric to support any kind of PK's
    •  [JIRANODE-418] - Revive the attachments sending / recieving code
    •  [JIRANODE-448] - Small logging improvements
    •  [JIRANODE-456] - Provide a link to our documenation
    •  [JIRANODE-479] - displayname instead of displayName leads to relation errors
    •  [JIRANODE-480] - When nodeHelper.getCustomField fails to get the custom field, add a log indicating that the custom field is not found
    •  [JIRANODE-513] - Cover attachments update and removal with integration tests
    •  [JIRANODE-521] - Cover the blob state machines with the unit tests
    •  [JIRANODE-523] - Cover the blob event and request schedulers with the unit tests


    •  [JIRANODE-420] - Adapt the documentation highlighting how edit comment / customfield / worklogs can be processed
    • [JIRANODE-446] - Tracing migration: create traces for existing TwinTraces