Version 0.13

    Version 0.13.9

    Released June 9, 2016

    • JIRANODE-1110 - JiraNode interpretes the first sync request for an issue under sync as a pair request
    • JIRANODE-1112 - issue before and after executing scripts are different with empty processors
    • JIRANODE-1133 - Cleaning up sync info for issue fails on MS SQL
    • JIRANODE-1022 - Add HPQC as a Node Type

    Version 0.13.8

    Released May 23, 2016

    * JIRANODE-1108 - Fix trace handling bugs
    * JIRANODE-1098 - Sync events can be processed before blob events when getting responses.
    * JIRANODE-1100 - Sync Event and Request can get stuck in an unexalate scenario
    * JIRANODE-1038 - Remove the pre 0.11.5 tracing compatibility code and isToSynchronize tristate
    * JIRANODE-1104 - "Unified workflow using global transition" documentation page is not correct

    Version 0.13.6

    Released May 9, 2016


    • JIRANODE-1014 - InvalidPropertyTypeException thrown by transport layer
    • JIRANODE-1020 - Avoid sending unnecessary sync requests for an unexalated issue
    • JIRANODE-1023 - Getting started page from 'thank you for registering' is leading to a 500
    • JIRANODE-1025 - Check english spelling in the relations edit form
    • JIRANODE-1046 - syncrequest remains in processed state and is not cleaned up
    • JIRANODE-1054 - AttachmentHelper.mergeAttachments throws UnsupportedOperationException
    • JIRANODE-1065 - Remote Issue Tab: support custom fields without ids
    • JIRANODE-1033 - replicas are always sent - even when nothing changed
    • JIRANODE-1056 - NPE when setting the value of a custom field in change processor
    • JIRANODE-1091 - Performance: SyncListener needs a lot of time to schedule sync events
    • JIRANODE-1092 - Runtime exception when creating replica


    • JIRANODE-1004 - Correct "active" description on the relation edit page
    • JIRANODE-1017 - Too many unnecessary log messages when the SD api is not available
    • JIRANODE-1069 - Support finding a project by its full name
    • JIRANODE-1057 - Support executing doTransition as a specific user
    • JIRANODE-1084 - Support creating new versions in a processor

    Version 0.13.3

    Released Apr 8, 2016

    • JIRANODE-1047 - Log stacktraces of runtime errors thrown in the transport layer
    • JIRANODE-575 - Investigate REST connection settings
    • JIRANODE-603 - Read timed out

    Version 0.13.1

    Released Mar 2, 2016

    • JIRANODE-1009 - userHelper is not available in script context
    • JIRANODE-1011 - Error rendering remote issue panel
    • JIRANODE-1013 - "Remove sync info for issue" displays error page

    Version 0.13.0

    Not published to the marketplace

    This new version delivers a number of enhancements around serviceability and support of the service desk use case

    • Introduction of the support tools and the ability to clean erratic synchronisation information.
    • Support for comment visibility - developers comments should only be seen as developers comments on the customer facing JIRA
    • Support for service desk internal comments.
    • Data center compatibility
    • JQL function to query which issues are under_sync

    And of course bug fixes and some small improvements

    Support tools - part 1

    To be able to support disaster recovery scenario's we introduced the 'Remove synchronisation information' features. When for instance a database needs to be restored, information on one end of the synchronisation relation might be ahead of the just restored end. The support tools now provide a capability to cleanup this information on one end.

    Once that all synchronisation information has been removed, a connect csv is generated allowing to bring the relevant information back under sync

    Comment visibility support

    The service desk use case is the setup where an external facing tracker is used to communicate with the customer and an internal tracker is used for tracking development work. In this environment it is important to keep development comments only visible for staff. JIRA provides a comment visibility capability where comments can be restricted to specific groups and roles. The script processors now support also setting these comment properties. 

    Internal comment support

    JIRA service desk is an application in the JIRA family providing a simplified interface for customers through a customer portal. The approach for restricting the visibility of comments is implemented differently in this environment (by flagging a comment as internal). This flag is now also properly applied

    Data center compatibility

    No comments - now use the add-on in a JIRA data center environment.

    JQL Function to find 'under-sync' issues

    To simplify finding issues which are 'under sync' we introduced a couple of JQL functions

    Detailed overview 


    • JIRANODE-66 - JQL functions to query the existance of replica's
    • JIRANODE-353 - Cleanup tools
    • JIRANODE-359 - JIRA Data Center compatibility
    • JIRANODE-390 - Take "visibility" into account for comments
    • JIRANODE-533 - Service Desk: Support public and internal comments


    • JIRANODE-815 - The remote issue tab are showing id's for a number of custom fields
    • JIRANODE-874 - NPE on null component in components list
    • JIRANODE-894 - issuehub/errornotifications/closed should be POST
    • JIRANODE-929 - Relation name isn't shown after a processor compilation error occurs
    • JIRANODE-946 - issue.projectKey and issue.typeName are not documented
    • JIRANODE-959 - Connecting issues with missing attachments fail unnoticed
    • JIRANODE-972 - Version 15 upgradetask fails due to wrong import of the INSTANCE DTO
    • JIRANODE-986 - more details in the notification mail accesses the wrong page resulting in a problem
    • JIRANODE-992 - Fix flipping integration tests on develop
    • JIRANODE-993 - Not that useful auto generated connect file when clean-up
    • JIRANODE-994 - After installing jiranode on an oracle based instance, the instance cannot take backups anymore
    • JIRANODE-998 - Error when performing clean-up per issue on postgresql


    • JIRANODE-285 - Ensure that the escalation postfunction is executed after the indexation of the issue
    • JIRANODE-534 - Replace 'issuehub' with 'exalate' as intermediate directory to store blobs
    • JIRANODE-861 - Support global transitions
    • JIRANODE-913 - Simplify the in-jira notification code
    • JIRANODE-981 - Exalate notifications
    • JIRANODE-983 - Remove stack trace logging when sd is not available for project
    • JIRANODE-991 - Triggers: Add option to enable/disable 'Unexalate' in the 'More' menu of issues
    • JIRANODE-1001 - Improve error message on setting group visibility restriction on comment when no allowed