Version 0.12

    Version 0.12.2

    released: Feb 19, 2016

    • JIRANODE-987 - Comments/attachments are added multiple times

    Version 0.12.1

    released: Feb 16, 2016

    • JIRANODE-971 - Version 13 upgrade task fails due to wrong import of the INSTANCE DTO
    • JIRANDOE-980 - Support JIRA 7.1

    Version 0.12.0

    released: Jan 26, 2016


    In this release we focused on notifying administrators and users in case a synchronisation

    Issue sync panel

    The issue sync panel provides the user a clue if the issue has been synchronised (or not).

    Error Notifications

    Ensure that administrators are aware when a synchronisation is stuck. This is done in multiple ways

    • By email broadcasted to all administrators

    • By in-JIRA notifications

    This notification can be enabled / disabled

    Script Processor Simplifications

    • no more customField initialisation
      Now you can assign values directly to your replica or issue objects without doing a getCustomFIeld
    • commentHelper.mergeComments
      The commentHelper provides now a mergeComments method which simplifies the merging of remote comments to the local issue.
    • attachmentHelper.mergeAttachments
      The same for attachments
    • Assign the project key to issue.projectKey to specify in what project an issue needs to be created.
    • Assign the type name to issue.typeName to specify the issue type ...
    • Retrieve select list options with nodeHelper.getOptions
    • Ability to create users from the script


    We have introduced a very simple 'one-click' registration mechanism - allowing to have some visibility on who is using the add-on,
    and provide better support.



    • JIRANODE-583 - Missing blobs handling
    • JIRANODE-626 - The mis-usage
    • JIRANODE-640 - Checkums not maching with files in my .git/objects
    • JIRANODE-679 - Event scheduler service always registers processors exceptions as ErrorEntityType.ISSUE
    • JIRANODE-691 - SyncRequestClient can fail on an error response
    • JIRANODE-696 - Sync Request can remain in status PROCESSED without getting cleaned up
    • JIRANODE-697 - Connect: trim spaces when reading issue keys from the csv file
    • JIRANODE-767 - Fix flipping integration test
    • JIRANODE-780 - Second twin trace created if we connect to an issue which has it's remote deleted
    • JIRANODE-792 - Is expired - 3 months + 1 day does not work for months which have less than 31 day
    • JIRANODE-810 - HubObjectHelper should get the hubobjects version form the node object
    • JIRANODE-820 - Node level error when encountering a relation level problem
    • JIRANODE-821 - Could not transition blob request in status null
    • JIRANODE-822 - Log message does not print issue key correctly
    • JIRANODE-825 - BlobMetaData still present in database even though the SyncEvent has been cleaned up
    • JIRANODE-851 - The highlight about proxy user in 0.11.6 is far too extensive
    • JIRANODE-856 - Sync Events can stay in status PROCESSED without getting cleaned up
    • JIRANODE-866 - Changes from a comment by executor user don't get applied to the original comment
    • JIRANODE-876 - Registration page results in 500
    • JIRANODE-878 - Injira Error notification not shown on JIRA 6.2.3
    • JIRANODE-884 - SD queues screen can not render an issue due to our JS error
    • JIRANODE-891 - Synchronisation can get blocked because there are issue level errors
    • JIRANODE-919 - Error message needs some tweaking
    • JIRANODE-920 - Replace 'would' with 'will' in the general settings edit form
    • JIRANODE-928 - Validate method parameters of nodeHelper.createUser
    • JIRANODE-930 - commentHelper.mergeComments with closure doesn't work
    • JIRANODE-931 - Infinity loop when updating comment


    • JIRANODE-499 - user wants to see in their issues whether there are sync errors
    • JIRANODE-502 - Processor Code Simplifications aka Code Simplifications Pt2
    • JIRANODE-564 - Clean out relation
    • JIRANODE-673 - Error Notifications
    • JIRANODE-702 - Adding comments as a user
    • JIRANODE-730 - Getting Started page
    • JIRANODE-783 - Code Simplifications Part1
    • JIRANODE-828 - As an admin, I need to register the usage of exalate


    • JIRANODE-464 - Add awaits to the AllContentPairAndSyncWiredTest.updateParentIssue
    • JIRANODE-495 - Support issue.projectKey = "DEMO" and issue.issueTypeName = "Task"
    • JIRANODE-536 - Export the javadoc of the hub objects rather than maintain the what's the hub object page manually
    • JIRANODE-560 - NodeHelper method getOptions
    • JIRANODE-624 - Display instance name used on exalated issue from issue view page
    • JIRANODE-685 - nodeHelper.getDefaultIssueType should return null instead of throwing an exception
    • JIRANODE-686 - The node error for the case if no project was assigned in processor does not indicate the wrong project key
    • JIRANODE-693 - Rephrase description of conditions / post-functions
    • JIRANODE-727 - Log our usages of sal http client sends
    • JIRANODE-746 - Map Blob requests per Issue Key and relation.
    • JIRANODE-747 - Improve integration tests checking and utilites
    • JIRANODE-768 - Rename the node screen to "General"
    • JIRANODE-777 - Add a link on the accept EULA page to the EULA text
    • JIRANODE-784 - Simplify attachments handling
    • JIRANODE-793 - Make the "accept eula" page redirect to "meet the exalate"
    • JIRANODE-795 - Excessive logging when applying custom field values
    • JIRANODE-796 - Make in-product notifications displayed only until closed
    • JIRANODE-797 - Move compatibility service to the node package
    • JIRANODE-798 - Fix flipping IT (DefaultProcessorsCommentTest)
    • JIRANODE-799 - Avoid unnecessary email notifications
    • JIRANODE-819 - Rename 'meet the exalate' to 'getting started' and move it at the appropriate place.
    • JIRANODE-838 - Reduce logging of comments
    • JIRANODE-842 - Create an IT for Service Desk's "Customer Request Type" custom field
    • JIRANODE-864 - Connect: Add "Please select a relation" option to relation dropdown
    • JIRANODE-867 - Concurrent Exalate: Check whether the proxy user has created the issue upon workflow trigger
    • JIRANODE-873 - Improve the 500 error response error message
    • JIRANODE-933 - Document sync status feature
    • JIRANODE-934 - Document error notifications function
    • JIRANODE-936 - Document the registration procedure