Version 0.11

    Version 0.11.7

    Released: Jan 7, 2016

    • JIRANODE-846 - If proxy user's username has uppercase letters, the user is not recognized as a proxy user
    • JIRANODE-847 - nodeHelper.getUserByEmail does not find users
    • JIRANODE-852 - Nullpointer exception on hubobject
    • JIRANODE-854 - Connect should not create more than 1 twin trace for an issue
    • JIRANODE-855 - Delete issue results in an error that does not show up on the Errors screen

    Version 0.11.6

    Released: Jan 3, 2016


    • JIRANODE-826 - Handle exceptions with MANUAL DELETE error reactions correctly
    • JIRANODE-832 - SQL Exception on cancel event
    • JIRANODE-834 - NPE when deleting synced issues
    • JIRANODE-839 - NPE on UpgradeTask 012


    • JIRANODE-782 - Make the upgrade tasks recreate the node info after the last upgrade task
    • JIRANODE-827 - Highlight the fact that a proxy user must be unique

    Version 0.11.5

    Released: Dec 18, 2015

    • JIRANODE-802 - Synchronization can miss trace-ables
    • JIRANODE-803 - The xml file fails to pass checksum check
    • JIRANODE-805 - No error registered after upgrade for instance with invalid url
    • JIRANODE-823 - Incorrect message: It was not possible to retrieve the blob from the receiving side
    • JIRANODE-824 - ErrorResponsesResource returns 500 when sync event is not found

    Version 0.11.2

    Released: Nov 26, 2015

    • JIRANODE-773 - Expiry check is locale sensitive
    • JIRANODE-541 - Node level nullpointer due to file I/O issue
    • JIRANODE-501 - Simplify support for labels
    • JIRANODE-762 - Detecting received error classes should be more flexible

    Version 0.11.0

    Released: Nov 21, 2015

    This version supports JIRA 7.0, we also introduce the necessary infrastructure
    to be backward and forward compatible. This infrastructure allow nodes to
    exchange version information such that future releases can determine how
    messages should be exchanged, structured and processed.


    • Please upgrade all the nodes to 0.11.0 or higher when deploying this addon.
    • When using the exalate postfunction in a workflow, delete it from the workflow and add it again.
    • This version will stop working in February 2016


     Issues addressed in this release


    • JIRANODE-557 - When the create processor does not set the priority, new issues do not get a priority
    • JIRANODE-561 - double commit:
    • JIRANODE-582 - Double-commit problem in RequestSchedulerService
    • JIRANODE-614 - NPE when exalating issue using a postfunction that refers to a non-existing relation
    • JIRANODE-664 - NPE when attempting to see details from non existing error
    • JIRANODE-694 - SyncEvent with status WAITING_FOR_RESPONSE is still in the queue when it should not
    • JIRANODE-722 - filterLocal fitlers all comments including the non locals
    • JIRANODE-723 - Resources failing to authenticate clients on Jira 7
    • JIRANODE-731 - Check spelling of error message
    • JIRANODE-732 - The Version006UpgradeTask is stuck on JIRA 7
    • JIRANODE-736 - Request stuck in the queue due to issue key coincidence


    • JIRANODE-368 - Handshake Mechanism to share hub objects version info between instances
    • JIRANODE-436 - JIRA 7 compatibility
    • JIRANODE-483 - Clean up deprecated code
    • JIRANODE-729 - Successfully tested connection but status remains 'initial'


    • JIRANODE-611 - Improve the logging to adhere the logging dev guidelines
    • JIRANODE-621 - Excessive logging in repositories
    • JIRANODE-737 - Fire worker notifications upon instance activation

    New Feature

    • JIRANODE-701 - Handshake message to be sent on jiranode upgrade
    • JIRANODE-714 - The feature versions to use should be picked as the max overlap version


    • JIRANODE-342 - Remove SyncOpLog
    • JIRANODE-447 - Tracing migration: remove migration code
    • JIRANODE-505 - Avoid StackOverflowErrors when marshalling unknown custom field types
    • JIRANODE-678 - Update default processor scripts to only use our public api and review documentation
    • JIRANODE-704 - Fix exalate sync functionality on Jira 7
    • JIRANODE-711 - jiranode version usage expiry