Version 0.10

    Version 0.10.1

    released: October 28, 2015

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    Version 0.10 introduces an operation - and a postfunction - to stop an issue to be synchronized.
    This is called the unexalate operation. .


    • JIRANODE-665 - NPE when unexalating an issue after deleting the remote one.


    • JIRANODE-471 - A user must be able to remove the link between two issues and exalate an existing issue again
    • JIRANODE-508 - Support Move Issue


    • JIRANODE-518 - Provide more unit tests for the attachments epic
    • JIRANODE-620 - A unit test to cover the hub objects minor update effect on ReplicaHelper .hasChanges method
    • JIRANODE-667 - Remove the application of the isinternal property


    • JIRANODE-509 - Show date/time of error on the error details page
    • JIRANODE-545 - Add an issue operation to descalate an issue
    • JIRANODE-550 - Adapt hubcomment and nodeIssuehelper to include the notion of 'internal' comments
    • JIRANODE-588 - Fire a custom event when an issue is exalated
    • JIRANODE-589 - Display "remote issue" on error screen
    • JIRANODE-642 - Add a postfunction to descalate an issue
    • JIRANODE-643 - Add a workflow condition to test if an issue has been exalated
    • JIRANODE-657 - Modify IncludeExalateIssueOperationCondition to only show exalate operation if the are no twin traces
    • JIRANODE-658 - Sync Event and Request State Machines should not fail if twin traces are missing
    • JIRANODE-662 - Document the issue.labels init step (workaround for JIRANODE-501)