Exalate has an innovative pricing model which is similar to the way telephony works.  
In telephony,  the side who initialises the connection will pay for the call.  

With Exalate, we have a similar model.   Only one side needs to subscribe to a synchronisation plan such that issues can be synchronised. 
Note that Exalate also supports the case where the receiving side pays for the synchronisation - just like how 0800 numbers work.
Pricing of the add-on is very simple and based on the number of instances you need to connect with. 


PlanNumber of connectionsYearly costAdditional connections
Enterprise 3-packConnect 1 instance to two other instancesUSD 4.4001.100 USD / additional instance
Enterprise 10-packConnect 1 instances to nine other instancesUSD 8.800660 USD / additional instance

Due to the fact that the Atlassian cloud subscriptions don't support the 'Paid by Vendor' model, the cloud version of the exalate add-on is published as free.


One side pays for the connection

In the configuration below, all synchronisations with the instance 'pandora' is paid by us, while issues synchronised with idalko are paid by them


How to order and install a subscription key

Subscription keys can be ordered through the exalate subscription center.  
The subscription key can then be installed by accessing the 'add-on' section in your JIRA instance, and locate 'Subscription Details' in the Exalate menu



Access 'Add subscription'



Enter the subscription key in the provided form and save 


The subscription details will now show the current status (0 of 3 connections have been activated)



How to use the subscription

Once that you are ready to setup a synchronisation with a remote instance, you will have to agree with the other administrator who will be responsible for paying for the synchronisation.  Assume that you will be willing to do so, proceed to create an instance in the instances screen and select 'We Pay' in the payment model.



You can configure as many instances as needed, as long as the number of instances with a payment model 'We Pay' is less than the number of connections as supported by the subscription plan.

A subscription key is only required if you opt to pay for the synchronisation



Evaluating the add-on


When installing and registering the add-on for the first time, the add-on will enable the evaluation mode.  This evaluation mode is valid for 30 days, providing ample time to request a subscription key.

The evaluation period can be extended on simple request.  Just send us a request to support@exalate.com



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